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TDC is not a ponziIt is not a get rich quick scheme either...But it's Godsent.. if you are ready to make money then you can try tdcIt has made lots of people earn lots of money since it's inception and I believe you can make money from it too if you read this page to till end

TDC stands for TRUST, DIGNITY AND COMPETENCE MOBILE STOREIt's a business that pays you carrying out different transactionsLike Buying data, airtime, Nepa bills, gotv, electricity, waec and many more

When you carryout all the transactions in the screenshot below, you get paid

You can choose to use it for yourself and get paid...For instance, you can sub your dstv, buy data in your phone and get paidorYou can start a business out of it, sell data, airtime, waec card, bulk sms e.t.c to people and get paidYou can also tell your friends about it and get paid when they join

..and whatever transactions those you bring into tdc do, they pay you and tdc pays themSo it's a win win for everyoneSo, you see why we make money from TDC without workingTDC has over 8,000 users and this people have gone to bring other people, so whatever tdc transactions they do, me and them, we all get paidSo in tdc, you don't need to work to make money

If you introduce Mr A📌 TDC will pay you for it and give you commission for everything Mr A does in TDC.If Mr A refers Mr B📌 You will get paid for everything Mr B also does.If Mr B brings Mr C📌 You will still get paidIf Mr C brings Mr D📌 You will still get paid.If Mr D brings EYou will get paid....and the chain continues

Whatever A, B, C, D, E, down to the 15th generation do in TDC. You will be getting paid.Meaning you can sleep and wake up and see money in your TDC wallet

Alot of people have joined TDC and they are now enjoying the Ride.Check their testimonies;

Half a million naira made from TDC by a UNIBEN student